I recently worked with Morgan for several months for both career and leadership coaching. I reached the explicit goals I had set and gained substantial insight into myself and my career through our sessions. Many of the questions and issues we addressed were ones I had struggled with on my own for a long time – with Morgan’s coaching I got to answers to these questions and others. I gained meaningful confidence during this time as well, confidence which has been noted by colleagues. I gained clarity on many aspects of my career, from the high level to the daily. It would not be an overstatement to say that I feel freer now, as well as more grounded in who I am. I cannot thank Morgan enough for his commitment, engagement, and insight. Morgan’s advice on preparing for our sessions and the homework assignments were invaluable to the process.
— Noelle C.
I took a 360 evaluation with multiple followup coaching sessions through Intrepid Coaching. Morgan helped guide me to channel my strengths and focus on my weaknesses in just a few months. He is a fantastic coach - thought provoking, calm, to the point - and guided me to the realizations that had always been right in front of me that were so easy to miss. I am no doubt a better employee, peer, and manager thanks to Intrepid Coaching.
— Asher M.
We worked with Morgan to build the leadership capacity of our team. He showed a deep understanding of the challenges our team was facing and worked with us to plan a path forward. We truly appreciated his expertise, professionalism, and commitment to building relationships. I highly recommend Morgan in helping develop leaders.
— Chris A.
I worked with Morgan during my time as a Founder/CEO. I was going through a stressful period that ultimately led me to closing up the business. Working with Morgan was immensely helpful. He helped me reframe problems and find alternative solutions that I don’t think I would have come up with without working together. I highly recommend having a business coach and Morgan.
— Jason D.
Morgan has been an inspiring and dependable life coach for the past 6 months. He’s helped me reflect objectively on my goals and challenges, create actionable plans, and hold myself accountable to following through. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and would recommend him to anyone looking to make progress in their career, relationships, fitness, finances, or work/life balance!
— Ian M.
Being a therapist I was hesitant to step into the life coaching world, but Morgan Bailey was an amazing coach helping me shed layers that were keeping me from showing up as my truest self professionally. We tackled my relationship road blocks with money and professionalism, he gave me homework that laid a foundation for true reflection, growth, and exploration of true self in the world. If you walking into a new business, creating your own, or discovering how to live out your truest self in the world Morgan is an amazing guide to help you get there!
— Natalie S.
As a physician still early in my career, I never had time to really reflect on what I wanted most out of my personal and professional life, nor had I had the opportunity or felt comfortable seeking out someone who could help me strategize maximizing my strengths and accepting/working on my weaknesses. Intrepid Coaching is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Morgan is an incredible listener and epitomizes a coach, working with you and helping guide you to your own conclusions and strategies for change that will work best and realistically in your life. He helps you come up with concrete and achievable goals which illustrate revelations you have made and allow you to reshape your professional/personal life in truly meaningful ways. I couldn’t give him a higher recommendation. He is the real deal.
— Candace M.
Morgan made me look at my situation from the outside perspective. He guided me through my challenges and solutions, but I always felt I was in charge… and most importantly, Morgan genuinely cares about people, and that’s a superpower that you want to be exposed to!
— Roman K.
I knew I needed a bit of professional coaching to get me through a transition period in my career, but I just wasn’t feeling motivated to do so. I was introduced to Morgan by a friend and decided to give him a shot. His coaching opened up new possibilities for the ways I was (and was not) engaging with my work. Without him, i don’t think I or my business would be on the focused, successful track we are today. As the new arm of my business grows, I continue to feel grateful for the clarity and motivation Morgan helped me achieve.
— Becky S.
Morgan was my first life/success coach and he is very intuitive. He helped me realize some things about myself that I wasn’t aware of. He has given me insight by asking me the right questions and having me slow down to really think about what I want to do and to come up with the action steps to make it happen. Morgan is also very compassionate and understanding. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a coach to help them with their personal or professional goals.
— Suzanne B.
My time with Morgan was very transformative. He has a very effective approach and I saw changes starting with just 6 sessions. Morgan is patient, and has great positive, calming energy. This put me at ease and allowed me to quickly open up. I would recommend anyone to give his coaching a try!
— Rebecca R.