Case Study 1: Stepping into Leadership from Technical Background

Background: Many individuals managers, leaders, and executives must navigate the transition from a technical contributor to leader. This transition often takes one from a specialty they know well to a position that relies on a completely different set of skills. Coaching can greatly help in growing through this shift, harnessing your technical background and developing leadership skills to accelerate your effectiveness.

Case: My client in this case was a researcher at an Ivy League University who was in the midst of shifting from a technical specialist to a leader. Our engagement began with defining what her key professional and personal values were. We were then able to clarify the role she was heading towards and set developmental targets to help her get there. Through coaching were able to identify several developmental barriers, such as her propensity to take on a high workload and projects that did not suit her. Through our engagement we were ultimately able to help her define and take charge of her leadership journey. It was an amazing experience for both of us.

Case Study 2: Moving past the leadership Plateau

Background: We all encounter plateaus in life where we are no longer growing to our potential. Leaders and managers of all levels of experience find themselves at this plateau at some point. Coaching and targeted assessments are a great way to accelerate any leader past this point and greatly enhance their ability to harness the power of their team.

Case: My client had been in a management position for several years and had entered a new position, but did not have new tools to improve the way he managed his team. Like many, he never received formal leadership training and was guessing in how best to improve his skills. We performed a 360 assessment which included interviews from his superiors, boss, and direct reports to get some targeted feedback on his effectiveness as a leader. This was an eye opening experience as he realized how his perception of his leadership did not match how others viewed him in several important areas. With this data in hand we developed a plan forward and over six coaching sessions we grew him past these barriers. This process greatly improved his effectiveness and his reputation within his group.

Case Study 3: Executive/CEO transition

Background: Executives are burdened with serious decisions that both impact the business and lives of their employees. These choices are never easy and can create extreme challenges, both personally and within an organization. Navigating these murky waters with a coach can quickly help clarify existing options and create new ones that were previously unseen.

Case: I worked with one CEO of a marketing firm who was struggling to figure out how to move forward with his partners. They company faced significant challenges as the executives had very different ideas of what direction the company should head. This, in addition to significant relational issues make for a difficult work environment that was not conducive for anyone. After several mediated coaching sessions with the partners, I helped the CEO get clarity on the best path forward. With the insights he arrived at in the coaching sessions, the CEO decided it was best to dissolve the partnership and able to transition to a new position as an executive at another firm. Throughout the process my client was able to maintain a good relationship with his partners and is now flourishing in his new position.