Our one-on-one and group coaching process creates transformational change while taking tangible steps towards immediate goals. We do this through clarifying vision, developing strategy, building skills, and constantly integrating new perspectives and behaviors. Through this process you will experience a dramatic shift in how you and your team approach leadership and collaboration.

Vision - Gain constant clarity on your direction

Getting clarity on where you are headed is a critical step to move in any direction with confidence. Most often it is our inability to intentionally create a vision that holds us back. Coaching will help you find a direction that feels aligned so that you can confidently move forward .

Strategy - develop a plan to make your vision a reality

Having a dynamic strategy is critical in achieving your goals. We work with our clients to develop a custom growth strategy to align your actions with the direction you are headed.

Skills - build the leadership skills to realize your potential

It was famously stated by renown coach Marshall Goldsmith, “what got you here won’t get you there”. Having an understanding of what skills are necessary to get you “there” is crucial. With the use of 360 feedback and other assessments we can help determine where your most important leadership gaps are. With this insight we focus the coaching on bridging the gaps while continuing to build on your strengths.

Integration - embed these learning into who you are

Integration is a constant process in which you ingrain new skills and behaviors into who you are. Through this mind/body based process you learn to question, reprogram, and rewire the default characteristics of your thinking and behaviors. It is the most challenging and the most rewarding step as you grow into your leadership potential.