Experiential learning that is fun AND catalyzes growth

Let’s face it, most workshop feel more like a lecture than a learning space. Our workshops create learning opportunities that get participants to think about leadership AND experience different aspects of leadership. As we all know, you can’t learn to ride a bike by watching a video. Sometimes you have to take the risk, jump on, and learn from the ride. Our workshops range from half a day up to three days and are designed to accommodate 8-50 participants. Our workshops are custom designed to fit the clients needs and create the greatest impact.



During our workshops we provide vetted tools and concepts on a wide variety leadership behaviors, such as influence, communication, innovation, feedback, etc. This learning can be paired with a variety of personality and preference assessments to deepen the learning and make it personally relevant to each participant.


Our workshops are not lectures but experiences in which individuals will participate in activities which highlight their leadership strengths and gaps. Experience is the critical element to provide real context and test out team dynamics in a safe learning environment. Activities are fun yet challenging and can include role playing, interactive games, and larger team simulations.


The end goal of any workshop is to integrate the learning and insights into new behavior. Through debriefs, reflection time, and interactive discussions participants will internalize the learning throughout the workshop. This important step is also strengthened when workshops are paired with coaching to help participants keep up the focus and momentum of their leadership development.

Morgan helped our management team improve communication, balance personal and professional interests, and realign our strategic plan around shared goals. His calm objectivity facilitated successful progress despite controversies. We’ll be continuing to leverage his unique background and skill set.
— Ian M, Director of Client Services - Riverine Inc.
Morgan’s impact to our team’s improvement and performance was significant. He was genuinely supportive and sincerely cared for my personal and professional development. While most of our work was in English, his Spanish skills were extremely useful in navigating more challenging topics.
— Alejandro T, Mexico Program Manager - ECOLIFE Conservation