Why is it that certain organizations are exceptionally creative and productive, while others spend countless hours and dollars trying to force inspiration onto their employees? Surveys show that employee satisfaction goes far beyond compensation and benefits. Employees are demanding more supportive, respectful, and purposeful work environments. The cost of ineffective work environments cannot be understated, as even the most ingenious ideas and technologies will fail in the hands of poor teamwork. Building an effective team culture takes intention, structure, and commitment.

I help teams reach their true potential through custom workshops, assessments, and coaching. My experience in engineering and behavioral research gives me the unique ability to understand complex processes and how individuals function within them. I can quickly help your team or organization identify procedural and communication gaps that stifle creativity and progress. Contact me to learn more on how coaching can greatly enhance the capabilities of your team or organization.

What would be possible if your team was more aligned, engaged, and creative?

Morgan helped our management team improve communication, balance personal and professional interests, and realign our strategic plan around shared goals. His calm objectivity facilitated successful progress despite controversies. We’ll be continuing to leverage his unique background and skill set.
— Ian M, Director of Client Services - Riverine Inc.
Morgan’s impact to our team’s improvement and performance was significant. He was genuinely supportive and sincerely cared for my personal and professional development. While most of our work was in English, his Spanish skills were extremely useful in navigating more challenging topics.
— Alejandro T, Mexico Program Manager - ECOLIFE Conservation