Sophia Hyder Hock

Associate Coach

Sophia’s extensive experience as an international development professional working on gender empowerment, social inclusion, and economic development projects in the United States, South Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia catalyzed events that led to this current chapter in her life. Sophia designs human-centric strategies, facilitates training and workshops, and leads coaching sessions pertaining to diversity, equity, inclusion, mindful leadership, and cross-cultural communication practices. She has worked on innovative programs for higher education, the international development and hospitality industries.

As an international yoga instructor and certified yoga life coach, Sophia also integrates a wellness lens into her programs as a holistic way to develop sustainable practices that align with the enabling environment, help with the retention of staff, and optimize business performance.

Sophia lives in Washington, DC with her husband and son. In her free time, Sophia enjoys traveling, teaching yoga, and developing coaching circles to discuss pre and postpartum related topics for new and seasoned parents.