Morgan Michael Bailey, PhD, MPH

CEO /Founder

People and culture shape the world around us. This belief has been instilled in me from my early days working in Silicon Valley, to my time spent in rural Africa researching public health. I have always been fiercely curious on how individuals, teams, and organizations function, achieve their goals, and impact the world around them. This curiosity led me to pursue a PhD in Engineering, a Masters in Public Health, and a certificate in Co-Active Coaching. I have worked in the United States, Asia, Latin America, and Africa building teams and leading projects on various initiatives. In addition to my work with Intrepid Coaching, I am also an on-call faculty with the Center for Creative Leadership.

My technical background in combination with my diverse cultural experience has given me the ability to see both strategic and humanistic components of organizations. This has given me the ability to combine systems thinking with coaching methods, bringing both strategy and intuitive breakthroughs to my clients.

Through all of my experiences I have come to believe that consciously shaping our lives and teams can impact our fulfillment, prosperity, and the communities around us.