Anchored Men’s Group

Fall Session - Starting September 9th, 2019

The world is seeking heart-centered, grounded men who are willing to be bold enough to transcend their past to achieve their potential. This group is focused on bringing together growth focused men to support their personal and professional evolution. This experience will take place during eight sessions held every other Monday 7:30-10:30pm starting September 9th. During this time the members will share, learn skills, and explore different topics. Each of the eight sessions will cover a different theme such as relationships, sex, shadow work, and intimacy. Perhaps most important, you will join a community and develop authentic friendships with other growth focused men.

What is the Anchored Men’s Group? : This is a group of 14-16 individuals who meet regularly, grow, and support each others’ personal evolution. The group is a facilitated experience, run by Morgan Bailey and Cam Bigelow. During meetings group members will participate in exercises and discussions to connect the physical, emotional, and spiritual facets of their lives*. The group does not follow a specific spiritual or religious modality and is open to all faiths and background.

Who is Men’s Group for? : This group is open to all all ages, backgrounds, and individuals who identify as male. The primary requirements to participate in this group are:

  1. Desire and ability for self-reflection

  2. Commitment to personal growth

  3. Interest in developing new relationships and ability to show respect to other group members

Expectations: Group members are expected to show up and participate fully in the experience. Members are expected to arrive to meetings on time and attend a minimum of 6 of the 8 sessions.

When: Every other Monday from 7:30-10:30 starting September 9th.

Where: Anchor Meditation, 2118 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Investment: There is a one time investment of $400 per group member which includes a course material and extra classes at Anchor Meditation.

For questions please email,


About Morgan Bailey

Morgan Bailey has been focused on personal growth and development in some form or fashion for most of his life. It was during his own personal challenges that he sought out a Men’s Group and found the experience transformative for both his personal and professional development.

Professionally, Morgan works in Leadership Development and Business Coaching, with a passion to support those who aim to make a positive global impact. Prior to his current career, Morgan worked in international development, living/working in Africa, India, and Latin America. When not in San Francisco he can be found roaming the mountains, scaling cliffs, or spending time with friends/family.


About Cam Bigelow

Cam is an avid yogi, meditation practitioner, and is heavily involved in Men's Work - where he creates space to shift the paradigm of what it means to truly embody manliness in today's time, fueled by emotional depth, love, and authenticity. This passion shines through his own meditation practice, as he emphasizes tuning into his heart to allow for his intuition to guide him in his day to day life. During his class, you will feel a sense of calm, ease, and stress-free surrender, with the ability to tap into your heart's desires. Living a life guided by the heart has been his most transformative, positive shift he's done - and he cannot wait to create the space allow you to do the same.


If you are interested in joining the group or want to learn more, please contact Morgan using the form below.

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*While this group is growth and support focused, we will not be practicing psychotherapy and it is not intended to replace traditional therapy by a licensed clinician.